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CECL, What is CECL, CECL Fasb, CECL Model Example CECL Expected Loss Model (Top Down)

Institutions can solve for their CECL lifetime expected loss in seconds. All that is required is the choice of state, then loan sector and then a selection amongst varied macroeconomic conditions. The model was developed by the same team that has designed loss models for some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

CECL, What is CECL, CECL Fasb, CECL Model Example CECL Expected Loss Model (Loan Level)

Users can bring loan data in any format into this tool. Step by step instruction for loan tape ingestion and granular output in minutes. The model relies on loan level analysis and utilizes loan level forecasts which are then aggregated into more digestible cohort level outputs.

CECL, What is CECL, CECL Fasb, CECL Model ExampleChargeoff Surveillance Analytics

Allows for comparative analysis across region, state, sector and institution. Be the first to spot deterioration trends with this user friendly tool.

Reverse Mortgage Stratification Application

The millions of reverse mortgages that constitute the HECM securitized universe have been reorganized in an easy to use portal that allows for historical cohort analysis.



In-Depth CECL Reporting Preconfigured and Simplified

FASB’s Current Expected Credit Loss (“CECL”) implementation deadline is December 15, 2019 for Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) filers and December 15, 2020 for other entities. Brean has created CECL reporting and surveillance dashboards with the ability for users to review bank call report data aggregated at the national, BEA regional, state or individual institution level. By aggregating these records quarterly over 12 years, Brean has been able to track the chargeoff rates, changes in balances and loan growth, relative to macro-economic indicators. Users rely on this data to track their own institution’s performance as well as performance of other similarly sized institutions within their state and region. Brean Strategic’s business intelligence reporting lets you compare you institution’s standing:


Ranks by Chargeoffs
Ranks by Growth
Residential Mortgage First Lien Chargeoffs by Region
Residential Mortgage First Lien Chargeoffs by State
Commercial & Industries
In-Depth CECL Reporting Preconfigured and Simplified real Chargeoffs by Region
Commercial Real Estate Chargeoffs by Region
Home Prices Dashboard
Unemployment Rate Dashboard


Brean’s Affordable, Turnkey Pre-Configured CECL Solutions                                                  

A refined CECL solution should not burden your institution with significant implementation costs. Brean Strategic’s  is the analytical arm of Brean Capital, a 45 year old investment bank. Brean Strategic’s CECL solutions are built by a team of market practictioners with experience acquiring and securitizing loans at bulge bracket and regional banks, data scientists and quants. Our pre-configured CECL solutions are designed to work concurrently with your existing infrastructure without reinventing the wheel.


Affordable Turnkey preconfigured CECL Solutions
CECL solutions designed to work with your existing reporting softwares.
CECL solutions developed experienced banking professionals.
Non-invasive CECL implementation

CECL Analytics Integration on Existing Reporting Infrastructure


Brean Strategic’s CECL reports and dashboards integrate seamlessly with your bank’s existing  software infrastructure, reducing the cost and pains associated with implementation and training. Loan tapes can be entered as easily as uploading a file into Brean’s software solution and  CECL analytical reporting is automatically generated.


Detailed CECL Reporting and Analytics
Ease of implementation with your existing reporting softwares
Ease of Use
Low Cost and Affordable CECL reporting implementation
Free Trial of Brean’s CECL tool!

CECL’s Complexity Streamlined & Simplified

We have developed three solutions to enable your financial institution to satisfy  CECL requirements.

1. CECL Top Down Expected Loss Model. Institutions can choose a forecasted macroeconomic scenario which best represents the view of their management. Our model has calculated the expected loss for each scenario based on a statistical regression analysis of similar banks in the region. The tool also enables an institution to review their historical performance by region alongside economic indicators.

2. CECL Bottom Up Model. For institutions which want more granularity in their forecast, Brean constructed a loan level model based on the statistical analysis of the historical performance of a universe of securitized and bank whole loans.

3. CECL Data Warehouse. Many of our clients find it difficult to aggregate piecemeal data which might be culled from a combination of different data sources such as asset-liability management extracts, origination and underwriting data, and servicer data. Brean’s team of data scientists can help financial institutions aggregate their data into a data warehouse, enrich the data with local home prices and unemployment and render this data on a portal for use in risk reporting. In one representative data analytics engagement, Brean built a loan origination and performance database from 400 million data points which is now relied upon by leading asset managers and investors for a multi-billion dollar sector.

Low Cost Automated CECL Periodic Reporting


A refined CECL solution does not burden your institution with substantial reporting costs every reporting cycle. Brean Strategic’s CECL solutions, once integrated with your existing system, will provide your institution with automated periodic CECL reporting without incurring exponential costs each reporting cycle. We constantly update the databases behind our model without incurring additional costs to your end users.


Detailed CECL business Intelligence Dashboards
Low Cost Automated periodic CECL reporting
No Cost CECL Back End Model Updates
Updated Automated CECL Reporting

Detailed CECL Dashboards for Different Stakeholders

CECL analytics and modeling can be complex. Brean Strategic’s team consists of quants, data scientists and seasoned industry veterans.  We have simplified the complexity of CECL reporting. We offer simplified and complex customizable versions of CECL reporting which can be utilized by different stakeholders within your organization without incurring additional costs.


CECL Reporting Simplified
Customizable Complex CECL Reporting and Analytics
Customized CECL Reporting which can satisfy different stakeholders
 Brean Strategic’s dashboard include Ranks by Chargeoffs, Ranks by Growth, Residential Mortgage
First Lien Chargeoffs by Region, Residential Mortgage First Lien, Chargeoffs by State, Commercial & Industrial Chargeoffs by Region, Commercial Real Estate Chargeoffs by Region, Home Prices Dashboard and Unemployment Rate Dashboard

CECL Reporting from Experienced NY Banking Professionals


Brean Strategic is a New York based analytical consulting and technology firm. Our client roster includes many of the largest financial institutions in the country such as money center banks, federal home loan banks and state regulators. Brean Strategic is located in Times Square and is the advisory affiliate of Brean Capital, a 45 year old investment banking platform.

Brean Capital boasts a four decade track record and a billion Dollar balance sheet

Founded in 1973 and employee owned
Full-service securities firm
$1 Billion+ balance sheet
175+ employees
Global presence with offices throughout the U.S. and China
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Top 5 Issuer of GNMA HECM for 2015, 2016, 2017
Underwriter for the Federal Home Loan Bank’s Office of Finance
Mortgage trading counterparty of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York



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